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Young American are faced with their first adult decision before adulthood.

“Do I go to college?”

We live in a time when a college degree is the gold standard. Many consider it a prerequisite to success in the workforce. An education is beneficial. However, this mindset may sabotage fully capable and intelligent professionals. Additionally, it may contribute to the falsehood that greatness cannot be obtained without a degree.

What happens to those of us who decide against a formal college education? How do we deal with such polarized options for our careers?

We ask the question, “Can we find success without a college degree?”

And the answer is “YES”. But it won’t be easy (neither will be obtaining a degree).

There are certainly ways for people to find and reach greatness in their careers without a college education. It may require a more personalized strategy. It will absolutely require creativity.

The goal of establishing this community is not to discourage anyone from attending college if they want and have the means to do so. Rather, to tell you that college isn’t the only option. We educate ourselves and others on how to succeed without a college education. Let’s discuss how the other two-thirds of us are achieving greatness without a college degree.

This site disseminates tips, guidance and encouragement. It also encourages positive, constructive discussion.

 We are building careers that we are proud of, Sans the Degree.


*UPDATE* Sans the Degree is now home to a Job Dashboard Exclusively for non-degree holding professionals! All jobs are carefully filtered to include positions that DO NOT require a 4-year degree. Check it out here!





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