4 Tips for Success, Sans the Degree

Degreetips success without a degree career advice for entrepreneur inspiration no collegeMany people face a disadvantage when applying for traditional jobs if they lack a college education. Sorry, we won’t sugar-coat it for you. The good news is that there are things you can do to give yourself an edge when applying for such jobs. Here are 4 things that can help you find success in the workforce.

Gain experience and skills

Okay, I know, this is one that can’t be done overnight. But In place of a degree on your resume, you’re going to need something to stand in for it. The best substitute for a degree? Practical experience and proven success! Your resume should be composed in a way that that helps the reader to see your experience as comparable to a degree. Now, there ARE going to be jobs and employers that will not hire you, no matter what, if you don’t have a degree. Often times this can be part of the company’s corporate requirement in hiring for the position. Don’t get discouraged – but don’t waste time applying for the jobs that absolutely require a bachelors degree, either.

2. Maintain your professional Network

You might be considered for positions that normally require a degree, if you know the right person. References and professional connections are valuable resources for those of us without a college degree. This sheds light on how important it is to perform and remain in good standing with all of the positions you wish to list on your resume. It will be important for you to stand out in someone’s memory as a successful asset to an organization if you wish to bridge a connection to they can offer.

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3. Act AND Dress for Success

As a person without a college degree, something that you should constantly be aware of is your level of professionalism. Maintaining a genuine and high level of professionalism can help take the focus off of your lack of a degree. This should be apparent in your behavior during your application, hiring process and employment. It should also be visible in your physical presentation. Staying sharply dressed and polished will give you an additional advantage as a candidate.

4. Continue your Personal Education for success

A 4-year college degree may not be something you were able to pursue, or chose not to pursue. But never stop learning and finding educational opportunities. Finding classes which further your skills and understand your field will benefit your career and will be more content for your resume. Additionally, you will obtain secondary certifications to add to your tool-kit.
While it can be a unique challenge landing your ideal job without a college degree, there are plenty of ways to improve your chances. The trick lies in promoting yourself, your skills, and what you bring to the table.

Did we miss something that you wished to have seen on this list? Which tips do you have for degree-less professionals finding success in their careers?

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