‘New Collar’ Jobs Without a Degree That Make Great Money

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What’s a ‘New Collar” job? Read on!

It’s 2018 and there couldn’t be a greater disparity between the opportunities available to degree holders vs. non.

I don’t want to depress you, but this is important. And there is good news ahead, I promise.

There’s no question that a college education gives one an advantage in the eyes of many hiring companies. However, a degree is not necessarily an accurate indicator of success; a fact which doesn’t seem to bother the companies that require degrees in their recruiting strategies.

College costs continue to rise and two-thirds of the U.S. workforce doesn’t have a 4-year degree. It is becoming increasingly difficult to afford a college education, yet the antiquated “bachelor’s degree required” criterion persists.

This has posed problems in the tech industry.

Universities aren’t churning out enough grads to meet the needs of picky tech employers.

Sam Ladah, a vice president for human resources at IBM, explains “About half a million technology jobs go unfilled in the U.S., and it’s because employers can’t find what they’re looking for. Now, the country is only producing about 50,000 computer science grads each year” (Marketplace Business News)

So, there aren’t enough tech grads for all the tech companies that require them, leaving empty jobs. All the while, there are fully capable non-degree holding professionals struggling to find career positions.

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The good news is…

Tech companies like IBM and Google are aware of and embrace the movement of hiring non-degreed workers to meet business needs and to enrich culture.

Many traditionally ‘college required’ tech jobs are now open to experienced employees without a formal education. IBM has coined these positions; New Collar jobs.

The Ladder comments on New Collar jobs explaining that

Instead of focusing on what’s on paper, companies like IBM are more concerned with what applicants can do.

Similarly, Google has also moved away from hiring based on college GPA’s and transcripts, having found that they are not a good indicator of skills or competence. Business Insider explains “Following these revelations, the company is hiring more and more people who never even went to college”.

This is good news (if you want to work in Tech) for 3 reasons:

One; it’s of the highest-paying industries in the United States.

Two; IT jobs are expected to grow 12% between 2014 and 2024 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Three; BLS also projects that there will be 1.4 million Computer Science positions open in 2020 with only 400,000 Computer Science graduates to fill them.

There will be, increasingly, high demand and vacancies for New Collar Jobs in the Tech Industry.

While it may be news to many, there are plenty of tech employees already enjoying prestigious titles and annual salaries above $100K.

In fact, Comparably.com completed a study recently to find out which tech jobs pay the best for non-degreed professionals. You can check out the list HERE. The results will surprise you!

All-in-all, tech is a great industry to start a career in.

And it’s not going anywhere soon.

What have your experiences been with working in the tech industry? Have you found your lack of degree to be consequential? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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