District Manager-Burger King – Burger King – Cody, WY

The District Manager (DM) is responsible for the operations of five (5) to ten (10) restaurants. Above all, their key role is to monitor and improve customer satisfaction and profitability through efficient operations and to protect the health of customers through food safety and sanitation. The District Manager’s overall focus is to:

  • Increase average unit volume (AUV) of sales and control costs
  • Drive operations excellence Principle Responsibilities:

1. Restaurant Visitations, Assessment, Follow-up and Training
Total restaurant visitation activities comprise close to 70% of a DM’s time. During this time the following should be covered in the restaurant:

  • Train and Coach Restaurant Management and crew to resolve any immediate issues
  • Work with Restaurant Management team to create an action plan for specific follow-up
  • Work with Restaurant Management team in follow-up on an existing action plan
  • Investigate and redirect if consistent issues continue to go unresolved
  • Provide any on-the-job training or create training and development plans
  • Follow up on financials and people processes

2. Restaurant Store Visits
These should be completed on a regular basis. All feedback should be given to the restaurant manager and/or management team member on duty and the above steps taken to ensure restaurant operations are to the highest possible standard.

3. Night Visits
Night visits provide additional time in the restaurants for the purpose of evaluating and improving operations, outside normal working hours. It gives the DM an opportunity to give feedback to the restaurant on the evening shift. These should be periodic and unannounced.

4. Weekends and Peak Periods

It is recommended that a DM will work one Saturday and one Sunday a month targeting visitations against weekend traffic. This does not include the night visits which is in addition to the weekend visitations.

Peak periods in the restaurants gives the DM the opportunity to make an impression on the greatest number of customers. Given this, a DM should also target a significant percentage of their visits during peak meal period hours.

5. Restaurant Non-Visitation Activities Days

All days in or out of the restaurant that do not include visitation activities make up the other responsibilities and expectations of how a DM uses his/her time. Much of this time involves direct interaction with restaurant management, but is focused on areas other than restaurant assessment. Key responsibilities include business planning, P&L and financial analysis and reviews, and management and development of restaurant management and crew, and administrative tasks as and when required. See below for more detail.

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