Shipping Coordinator

Job Description

Shipping Coordinator

Under the direction of the Warehouse Supervisor, manage the Shipping and Receiving office using Oracle and GERS systems, and related suppliers. Coordinate and maintain all BKT and Common Carrier shipment documents, and maintain workflow between office and warehouse. Coordinate with Assistant Supervisor on all incoming and outgoing shipments.


  • Maintain Oracle and GERS order fulfillment to ensure on time and accurate deliveries.
  • Lead Shipping and Inventory coordinators, and maintain consist workflow within the office.
  • Process paperwork from related suppliers and run orders for Oracle and IST’s and GERS bills for shipments.
  • Coordinate all RMA (Returns) pickups, close out and maintain RMA’s and process paperwork for Market sample trucks.
  • Other duties as assigned by management.
  • Maintain appropriate levels of office supplies and purchased materials
  • Coordinate and execute container shipments, International outbound.

Shipping Coordinator


Job Requirements

Some of the requirements:
  • Organizational Relationships:
  • Frequent contact  BKT Showrooms
  • Frequent contact Warehouse personnel
  • Frequent contact customer service
  • External Business Relationships:
  • Infrequent contact with outside service providers.
  • Minimum High School Diploma and two years experience in Leadership.
  • Proficient with MS outlook, Word and excel is required.
  • Oracle & GERS experience is a plus.


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